Objective of PISER

PISER develop professionals and facilitate research for inclusive and special education within broad framework of education and therapy in the current millennium.

These programs will enable students, professional and teachers to acquire knowledge, develop competencies and practice skills to impart education and therapeutic intervention to children with special needs

PISER - Proyash Institute of Special Education & Research

Excellence in Special Education

PISER is an unique Institution which has been operating since June 2013 with the affiliation of the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). The institute is committed to provide high quality education and training with the objective of producing highly skilled personnel responsive to the needs of the children with disability. For meeting their educational challenges and prepare them for independent living with honor and dignity.

The other specific objectives are to:

1. To produce skilled professionals, educators and therapists for serving the children with special needs

2. To generate and disseminate updated knowledge on special education and disability management

3. To form a center of excellence for higher education and research on special education and disability management

Prominent Features

PISER has certain unique features such as:

  • Very low tuition fees
  • Cost-effective programs
  • International standard Curriculum, Teaching Strategy & Classroom
  • Use of latest information and communication technologies
  • Maximum facilities to learn practically
  • Flexible admission rules
  • Modular approach to programs
  • Resource sharing, collaboration and networking with conventional Universities and academicians from other Institutions/Organizations
  • National and International degree/training holder Faculty Members
  • Socially and academically relevant programs based on students need analysis
  • Convergence of open and conventional education systems