Vision of PISER

To emerge as a centre of excellence through multi-dimensional  activities to explore and develop the full potential of each individual with special needs to integrate them in the society.

Our Campus:

PISER is being considered as one of the biggest institutes for the children with special needs for its infrastructure, coverage of target people and spectrum of services. As the continuation of its success, PISER started its mission in the 2nd June of 2013 as one of the institutes of Bangladesh University of Professionals. This institute is aimed to fulfill the extreme needs of trained professionals, educators and therapists working for the disabled people and to promote related research.

Considering the institutes providing similar degrees in Bangladesh PISER has the highest number of programs. Including its new programs PISER is now offering 8 (eight) programs related to the education, therapies and other support services for developing professional to support the children with special needs. Initially the institute had 3 programs. They were: Certificate on Disability Management and Education (CDMEd), Post Graduate Bachelor of Special Education (BSEd) and Post Graduate Diploma on Audiology and Speech Language Therapy (PGDASLT). Lateron for the huge demand of the on service trainees PISER started the program Certificate on Disability Management and Education- Executive CDMEdE) program. From this year the institute is going to inaugurate 2 (two) honors and two masters programs. They are: Bachelor of Education (Hons), BSc (Hons) in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, Master in Special Education, and Master in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. The curriculum of these programs are prepared, edited and recognized by the internationally renowned scholars of the related area.

PISER is also taking pride of the highest enrollment rate of the students. Within the first two years of commencement the institute has provided degree as well as training to 325 people on disability, special education and related therapies.

To ensure the quality education for the prospective professionals in the field of disability, the institute maintains a group of high quality faculty both from home and abroad. The institute also maintains modern teaching strategies followed by the advanced countries.

The institute is working to make educators and professionals to ensure quality education and services for the children with special needs all over the country. The institute is planning to introduce few more programs within the next few years.